Can you sustain, maintain and commoditize life? |

In Development...

Inhabitant is a strategy game that takes you on a journey through the cosmos. An exploration of the unknown, of what could be...

Although we are hard at work we decided to give you a preview of our development efforts so far.


Large alien conglomerates control trade and industry in the cosmos in a cut-throat form of universal capitalism. Journey to alien worlds filled with intelligent life where you will build your empire and expand your military presence.

The inhabitants that dwell in your constructions will determine your fate in the cosmic economy. Be aware: not all inhabitants are equal. Constructing a closed ecosystem is key to keeping them content and making your empire profitable - or you will be crushed by your opponents.

Like the universe, it is ever expanding. Inhabitant will thrill you with awe-inspiring beauty and challenge you with cut-throat decision making and cosmic battles. Inhabitant is emergent, firmly rooted in next level AI and an admiration for the universe.


  • Three engaging game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer and Online
  • Engage in a vast god sim economics engine based on real world market similation and forecasting.
  • Define your own experience: You choose your path, accumulate wealth, collaborate, explore and take in as much of the detail as you want to.
  • Meet intriguing characters, each with their own back story, set of abilities, needs and skills.
  • Create your own intergalactic corporation. Go at it alone or with friends.
  • Construct beautifully crafted cities and facilities.
  • Expand your empire of cities on moons, asteroids and planets.
  • Become a master of trade and industry in the universe.
  • Establish trade partnerships with friends.
  • Trade your creations online and build up some game capital.
  • Manage a real-time online stock market in a real-time expanding universe.
  • Build an armada and expand your military presence.
  • Fight for survival in epic cosmic battles.
  • Master the mechanics of Stigmergy and Advanced AI with emergent behavior.
  • Gain space survival knowledge with AI assisted game play.
  • Continue your cosmic adventures with downloadable content and an extendable game framework.


Commander, our sources have tracked down a video of a MorbidCamel in its natural habitat...